A message for everyone 100 years after the March 2011 tsunami.

On March 11, 2011 North Eastern (Tohoku) Japan experienced a massive earthquake in which over 20,000 people either died or are still missing.

Historically, every 100 years this region experiences a tsunami of similar magnitude.

We should ensure that future generations never forget the experience of this disaster.

As a memorial to all those affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake, we will plant cherry trees (Sakura) along the furthermost boundary where the tsunami reached. The Sakura will help protect the people living in the area in the event that a future tsunami occurs by providing a place where they can escape to and know that they are safe from the water.

“Such a tragedy by a tsunami should not happen again. In order for the safety of our children and grandchildren residences should not be built beyond this point.”
This was a Meiji period (20th Century) person’s comment on a memorial stone after the great Meiji tsunami that occurred in the Tohoku area. However, after many years the message of this stone and the disaster of the tsunami were forgotten.  With cherry trees (Sakura) and the power of flowers we will send a message.  Some varieties of Sakura live for over 100 years. This kind of Sakura exists in the Tohoku area and is loved by the Tohoku people.  The Sakura will not only ease the souls of the lives that were lost in the March 11, 2011 tsunami, but will also ensure that the memory of the tragedy lives on forever.

We have a responsibility to prevent a tragedy of similar magnitude by not only making sure that the future generations never forget about this disaster,  but also to emphasize the importance of sufficient preparation. Donations received for planting the Sakura will help the locals in the area by providing them with jobs as they plant the trees.

Sakura Namiki Network was formed with the intent to:

  1. ensure that a tragedy of a similar magnitude is not repeated
  2. inform future generations about this disaster
  3. mark a safe point where residents can escape to
  4. plant Sakura by local gardeners in order to revitalize the scenic beauty of the area.
  5. and create an everlasting connection between the victims of the disaster area and the donors.

To participate in the Sakura Namiki Network:

Step 1 Registration:

  • Individual membership fee: JPY 2,000- per year
  • Corporate membership fee: JPY 20,000- yen per year

Step 2 Donation for Sakura trees.

  • Donation A JPY 10,000- for one tree
  • Donation B JPY 20,000- for one tree with a nameplate

There is no limit for donations.

  • The registration fee is used for managing the Sakura Namiki Network activities.
  • Money received cannot be returned.
  • Membership is valid for one year from the date payment is received.

How to make a payment:

  1. A completed application form can be submitted by fax, mail or online.
    [button link=”http://sn-n.sakura.ne.jp/wp01/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/english.pdf” target=”_blank” type=”icon” icon=”paper” newwindow=”yes”]Sakura Namiki Network Application Form PDF(201KB) [/button]
    FAX No : +81-3-3329-3387
  2.  Please make a payment payable to the order of “Sakura Namiki Network” or the “サクラナミキネットワーク” via bank transfer to the account that is listed above.
  3. Please be sure to include your name and telephone number and omit hyphens from the telephone number.
  4. Please note that the payee must also pay any applicable commission fees.
  5. After confirming the payment a receipt will be issued to the donor and the registration process is complete.
  6. If you have not received a receipt 10 days after submitting your payment please contact the Sakura Namiki Network.
  7. If you are under 18 years of age consent from a parent or legal guardian is required.
  8. All information received will be protected by the Personal Information Protection Law.
Payment recipient
Payment by bank transfer is accepted from locations outside of Japan.   However, for other forms of  remittance,  please contact us by e-mail.

  • Account holder : Sakura Namiki Network
  • A/C with Branch : KITAZAWA BRANCH
  • Account number : 123-9680

Sakura Namiki Network Application Form:

    1. Membership Registration

    Fields marked with *are required

    Name (Individual) or Corporate name

    If Corporate member Name of the person responsible

    Street Address 1

    Street Address 2


    ZIP/Postal Code



    Phone No

    FAX No


    2.Type of membership

    Please choose.

    Individual memberCorporate member

    Individual member 1unit JPY 2,000- / Corporate member 1unit JPY 20,000- .

    There is no limit for donations.

    3.Donation for Sakura (Cherry trees)

    Sakura Donation A
    for one tree JPY 10,000-
     :JPY (yen)

    Sakura Donation B
    for one tree JPY 20,000-
     :JPY (yen)

    Sakura Donation B includes a nameplate on the Sakura (Cherry tree). Those who wish to attach a name, please indicate the name you would like to display in 20characters or less.


    If you would like to make a separate donation in addition to the membership fee or Sakura tree donation please indicate the donation amount in the field bellow.

    : JPY  (yen) 

    5.Participation in the organization activities

    I wish to participate in the Sakura Namiki Network activities.

    6.Please write down any message you have about the Sakura Namiki Network.

    (There is a chance that this comment may be posted on the Sakura Namiki Network website.)